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Office Chairs

  • Zeus-Seating_Series2
    Environments with continuous traffic flow will be transformed by this furniture. Its classic, unencumbered seating allows for easy access and has timeless beauty.
  • Jupiter-Series-Layout_Echo_920x389
    This collection features clean lines and an original design. The floating seating is perfect for easy cleaning and is therefore the collection of choice for spaces with continuous traffic flow.
  • Jupiter-Series-Layout_Hera_920x389
    Designed to meet the current needs of the offices, here is a full line of products that are distinguished by their superior quality and attractive appearance.
  • Jupiter-Series-Layout_Lexi_920x389
    Give your employees the space to hold private work meetings or simply have discussions in a comfortable environment.
  • Jupiter-Series_soft-seating
    Create pleasant collaborative, meeting, or waiting areas with these easy to move and not cumbersome modular benches.
  • Odessa
    This furniture is built to last, even in the most demanding of circumstances. The modular tables and chairs allow for the creation of functional and versatile layouts in waiting rooms.
  • Dune1
    Bring people together in a place where ideas, perspectives and inspiration can be shared. This modern design is perfect for collaborative spaces and open areas. 
  • Zuma
    The seats in this line have a reinforced steel frame with a soldered transversal bar that connects the legs and armrests of the chairs for exceptional durability.


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