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Ergonomic Furniture Solutions

Sit-to-stand height adjustable desks. 

Desk Shells
Corner Module & Extended Corner Module Desk Shells
Adjustable Return Shells
Popular L-shape One-piece Top Desks

Read the full Athena Brochure.

Read the full Calypso Brochure.

Read the full Olympus Brochure.

  • calypso_920x3891
    These electric height tables immediately improve comfort, health and productivity for workers in any workspace. They are completely compatible with both traditional desks and sit/stand workstations.
  • Athena
    This station transforms any fixed-height desk into a versatile desk. Its pleasing design suits all office environments and can hold quite a bit of equipment.
  • Calypso-Enviro_920x3891
    Offering a gentle, silent and rapid transition, our height-adjustable tables have become an option of choice in today’s workplaces.
  • OLYMPUS-BASES_920x389
    These height-adjustable tables are the foundation of all ergonomic office equipment. They are the most effective method for ensuring a flexible, comfortable and productive environment.
    This height-adjustable workstation takes stable, easy to use sit/stand products to a whole new level. It openly transforms any fixed-height desk to an active desk and promotes collaboration and well-being at work.
  • WRK_Series_920x389
    Opt for an instinctive environment with versatile and mobile furniture. Introducing this active way of life into your work will increase your creativity.
    Electric height-adjustable tables promote well-being everywhere, whether they are in collaborative work spaces, individual offices or mutualist zones.
  • MP_920x389
    Carefully designed for ergonomic functionality, this adjustable workstation lets you evolve with the new sit/stand standard.


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