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Levels Series

Introducing Levels, HDL’s new multi-tiered, layered office furniture series that combines contemporary metal details with durable laminate designs.  Choose from over 80 IN-STOCK, high quality, modular components. Select models are made-in-Canada.

Read the full Innovations Series brochure & catalogue.

  • Levels Series
    The collection’s design is adapted to current, changing and emerging needs and meets the most recent BIFMA standards for office systems furniture.
  • Levels Series
    Creativity, simplicity and elegance. Here is a well-thought-out panel system that can be modified according to current and future needs.
  • Levels-Layout-12
    Seek versatility. Whether back to back or face to face for a planned or spontaneous meeting, this versatile system allows for various layouts and can be reconfigured at will
  • levels-layout-11
    Designed for concentration and privacy as well as collaboration and interaction, the collection blends private offices and open spaces with furniture that has a high-quality finish and a refined, pleasant design.

WorkScape Series

As office furniture evolves into the 21st century, the office landscape is changing, too. Layered work surfaces present an agile, inviting look and feel, allowing a more open and friendly work environment.  
This is the next generation of office furniture. WorkScape not only has a fresh, visual appeal but offers many practical solutions for today’s changing office.  
WorkScape can be as simple or comprehensive as your design imagination allows.

Download the Brochure here.

  • WorkScape Series
    Here is the ergonomic solution for working comfortably and flexibly. Every surface is equipped with an electric control panel that raises and lowers it so that users can effortlessly go from sitting to standing in just a few seconds
  • WorkScape Series
    We offer contemporary desks for the creation of functional and affordable workspaces.
  • WorkScape Series
    Carefully designed to meet the needs of the modern workplace, this system emphasizes workplace collaboration and connectivity
  • WorkScape Series
    Shape your space. Create vibrant areas that evolve and adapt to the realities of the modern workplace.


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