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With your empty cartridges, you could really help someone.

LRT is an active partner of the MIRA Foundation, providing guide dogs to people with visual disabilities and children presenting an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). And we are really proud of it. Of course, we invite (beg...) all our customers to actively participate in the empty cartridge and cell phone recovery program. It's so easy and you'll have to do something useful with your empty cartridges, anyway. 


Complete the registration form and send it to kEncEmaildbsupvdiftfyuAnjsb/db. The form is available on our web site or from our customer service.

A representative from Mira Foundation will contact you within 24 hours.


For all collection, simply contact Mira (by phone or email) and provide your customer number. The collection will be done within 24 to 72 hours.

Minimum of 10 cartridges per pick-up is required.

Please ensure that all your packages are identified with your customer number. For this purpose, Mira will provide you a template for your return labels.


Come in-store, LRT is equipped with a MIRA deposit box. And we'll take care of everything.


Forms and documentation

Download the following forms in
order to register as a customer or to
request a pick-up at your workplace.
Theses procedures are quick and easy.

Customer Registration

Request a pick-up



Learn more about Mira's dogs

Go to Mira site

Guide Dog

Service Dog for Youth ASD

Service Dog


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